This could be in a Ladybird series. What happens when a politician used to meeting sycophantic, soft-boiled journalists under-arming questions to her meets someone who hasn’t got the memo? This is ‘Ruth Meets a Journalist’… Though not as obvious a car crash interview as Dianne Abbot’s frequent exemplars, for those used to her buoyant blustering, […]
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+BellaCaledonia About time people properly questioned her
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+BellaCaledonia Oh wow. That's just too good. It's amazing how much easier it is to listen to her when she's actually being properly questioned..and by the Beeb too!?!.Possibly a career limiting move by Emma though..I am sure there will be phone calls made to the Beeb by Conservative Central Command... Anyway, an example of how it can and should be done.
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