The Advisory Board of Bella Caledonia confirms we are going to have to make the decision to close, unless an urgent fundraising appeal can be met. Mike Small has advised that despite his commitment to Bella, he will have to step down as editor as the position is too financially precarious and he is actively […]
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+BellaCaledonia If Bella closes it'd be a shame. Before creating the Hub I had created a special app just to receive notifications whenever they posted something. It sat alongside my +WingsScotland, +ScotGoesPop & +NewsnetScotland apps.

At the time, it was invaluable. But after #indyref it decided to broaden out and not just focus on independence. It's a move other blogs resisted and perhaps a reason why I decided to pay less attention to it. That's not to say the articles or opinions weren't of good quality, just that they weren't things I was interested in reading.

I hope it survives, but this whole "Advisory Board" thing is a bit weird. Does a website like Bella need a "Board" to run it? Would that be a reason why it costs so much to run?
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