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We’re all in silos whether we know it or not. Our whole digital algorythmic culture nurtures this state. In recent weeks we’ve seen the Short Term Let lobbyists come to realise that they are not, as they supposed, respected members of the community revered for their hard work and industrious contribution to the community. They […]
The true story of the Scottish workers who defied Pinochet! Stream the BAFTA-winning NAE PASARAN anywhere in the world! (with English, Spanish or French subtitles). For the next couple of days, NAE PASARAN is available for free to stream anywhere with the code NUNCAMAS at checkout. Please share and remember… Nae Pasaran from Debasers Films […]
“We want a billboard too” they said. At an independent cinema, a group of school children from Newark Primary in Port Glasgow stood on the platform in front of the screen and pitched their ideas to the cinema manager. They wanted to create and air a film that highlighted some experiences of BAME children and […]
In the week when Britain re-entered the EU’s Horizon scientific research programme the outlines of post-Brexit Britain emerged with a new report from the IPPR Think-Tank about attitudes to the Union and national identity. The report, published on Friday by the IPPR provides the first detailed analysis of the 2021 ‘State of the Union’ survey, […]
There comes a time when enough is enough and the vicious repression of the Pogrom Parliament will not be tolerated. This time has come. We will not be repressed by the Woke Jock jokes of Holyrood with their ‘rules; and ‘legislation’. We will NOT be brow-beaten into safety checks and we will NOT fill in […]
Next up in Bella’s Top 20 Series, Iona Lee catches the last rays of the summer sun … [you can listen to the previous HERE ] Another August turned to embers. September is bittersweet. But have you ventured outside in the last few days? Because it seems that summer 2023 is enjoying something of a […]
The Times (sort of) Scotland edition is having a great week. Here Magnus Linklater lauds Fergus Ewing and reading the room with the sort of shrewd knowing gaze that you’d expect denounces the Short Term Let legislation as another epic blow to Scotland. The entire tourism industry is going to collapse if regulated. Poor Magnus […]
‘Jack’s Back’ the Times tells us, with strong accidental Shining vibes … After more than a decade out of government, Jack McConnell is being touted for a return to the corridors of power as Sir Keir Starmer and the team around him start to map the structure of a future Labour administration at Westminster […]
If you want a snapshot at just how crazy this society is, and just how polluted English political culture is, you’d do no better than to study the new phenomenon of the ‘Blade Runners’. The war on the environment has a new champion, masked vigilantes the so-called “blade runners”, who have been disabling Ulez cameras […]
Back to the Future. Anglo-Britain as it dissolves under the weight of its own crumbling mendacity is pushing back. What the country really needs we’re told, is a return to National Service. This is not just a government running out of ideas it’s a generation running out of excuses. Like most of what makes up […]
The Scottish Cringe as described by Beveridge and Turnbull (1989) refers to the Scots lacking personal and political confidence in their ability to govern themselves. Beveridge and Turnbull (1989) argue the Scots suffer from a sense of psychological inferiority in which Scots have come to see themselves and they are seen by England i.e. as […]
Why with the news that “Yorgos Lanthimos’ ‘POOR THINGS’ received a rapturous 8-minute standing ovation at the 80th Venice Film Festival” are we not happier? The film has had rave reviews, the Telegraph’s film reviewer said: “Poor Things is the best film at Venice this year so far and it isn’t even close.” The LA […]
Next year in September will be the tenth anniversary of the 2014 referendum campaign. Although the result was gut-wrenchingly disappointing those who were 16 then and first-time voters will be 26 in 2024, and the majority of them will still be for Yes, with a desire to see their country reassert her independence. The optimistic […]
Tomorrow is meant to be the biggest pro indy march in a very long time. A big march, in the capital, with the First Minister speaking and good weather predicted. What’s not to like? Critics of the EU have pointed out first that a sizeable number of Yes voters voted Leave and also that the […]
  On a train in Fife recently, I met a man who was deeply opposed to Scottish independence because he didn’t trust the SNP. And in another conversation in Shetland, I met a woman who assumed I must be a nationalist because I support Scottish independence. When we put each other or any aspect of […]
The last – indeed, the only – time I have visited Cornwall was on a family holiday sometime in the mid-1970s. We got there using the long since discontinued British Rail Motorail service, which transported us, and our car – an Austin 1800 – overnight from Stirling to Newton Abbot. For a fortnight we stayed […]
Did you miss the Emperor Penguin story from last week? It was caught somewhere between the ‘Aw / funny story at the end of the news’ and your daily ‘Dystopian Update’. Three huge colonies of Emperor Penguin’s (approximately 60,000 chicks) died of cold because the sea ice melted much earlier than usual before their waterproof […]
At some point in the relatively short history of popular music, Folk became unfathomably unfashionable. This wasn’t proportional to other genres, such as Disco, which became briefly unfashionable due to radio over-saturation. It wasn’t even comparable to the natural order of musical evolution where the tastes of younger generations sharply superseded the prevailing styles of […]
After being challenged by more than one reader about being overly-negative, I’ve been exploring this issue of the relationship between hope and realism, between despair and leadership. One reader wrote: “This site has descended into a spiral of bitterness and negativity. While I don’t necessarily disagree with anything written, I find the tone the articles […]
Fintan O Toole on the origins of the Brexit debacle …
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