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Today the Scottish Album of the Year Award revealed the shortlist for this year’s award, the shortlist for the Sound of Young Scotland Award and the winner of the Modern Scottish Classic. The SAY Award shortlist is as follows (in alphabetical order). Who do you love? AiiTee – ‘Better Days’ Constant Follower  – ‘Neither Is, Nor […]
Continuing his guest-residency Gordon Guthrie reflects on the British crisis, and constitutional strategies. Question 2: Under what circumstances would the SNP participate in a Labour-led constitutional process if it bought PR and reformed the Lords? There are two approaches the Scottish Government could take: I told you so – not our problem – indy – cheerio. […]
Continuing his guest-residency Gordon Guthrie reflects on the British crisis, the SNP’s lack of strategy and future choices. Question 1: Which election is the referendum? next Holyrood?, Special Holyrood?, next Westminster? And what is the referendum-election question? should Scotland be independent or does Scotland have the right to an indyref? To describe the SNP’s current […]
This is the first of a mini-series, one a day all week, asking questions about where we are and what next for the constitution. We are living in uncertain times. The UK is in the midst of an institutional crisis. Before New Labour, Robin Cook established his chops with his speech on the Scott Report. […]
As a catastrophic storm surge from Hurrican Ian washed away homes across the Florida coast hoards of Republican politicians quickly recanted their climate denial. The shots of sharks in the suburbs gave the footage from the south coast of America a disaster movie vibe. It’s going to get worse before it gets better and our […]
Review of Andrew Dowling’s Catalonia: a New History (Routledge). I wrote this review on 1 October 2022, the fifth anniversary of the Spanish state sending in its paramilitary police to try to stop a referendum on independence called by the Catalan parliament. That morning the world’s media showed riot cops breaking into polling stations, seizing […]
The “old ambitious climate targets” were never achievable within a system addicted to growth.  Focusing on climate (because it so clearly says no one’s children will escape the consequences) made sense, but as we all know it is only one consequence of a smash and grab system (of breaking apart resilient relationships the better to […]
‘Scots pupils face losing a year of school under SNP policy plan to raise school starting age to six!’ screamed the Scottish Daily Express, sparking a shower of media interest in a proposal (for the forthcoming SNP conference) that Scotland should have a kindergarten stage for its young children,  like those in the Nordic countries.  […]
‘Great British Energy’ is a great slogan and a great idea. Labour have had a good conference, though how they could do any other with the backdrop of the Tories trashing the economy seems difficult to imagine. Labour’s 17-point lead is amazing, but again, how could it be otherwise? But the idea that this converts […]
THE SOLID GROUND OF ETERNITY: From The Province Of The Cat by George Gunn. On BBC Radio 4, Thought For The Day (9.9.22), the Archbishop of Canterbury said: “Her Majesty showed us that when we build our lives on God’s faithfulness, we are on the solid ground of eternity that cannot be shaken.” When they […]
The Caspian Sea is the world’s largest inland lake. Today, Caspian Sea’s problems still fall deaf on ears. More than 100 million people in five states—Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan—rely on the rivers leading to the Caspian Sea. In the decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union, cross-border competition for water, tied with […]
An extract from Class Rules: the truth about Scottish schools by James McEnaney. Changes to the school starting age now part of the mainstream conversation around Scottish schooling, and the idea is to be debated at the forthcoming SNP conference. As a result, I have decided to make this chapter of my recent book freely available. […]
Just when you thought it was all over a new surge of sycophancy emerges. Today in The Spectator Charles Moore, Thatcher’s biographer asks: “Should Queen Elizabeth II be made a saint?” But as the fever-dream of monarchism subsides the harsh reality of broken Britain emerges into the autumn light. On Friday the new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng […]
Understanding Zombie Capitalism and the Limitations of the Posh Left: Learning from the Work of Mark Fisher k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Work of Mark Fisher, 2004-16, Mark Fisher edited by Darren Ambrose, Repeater Books. Reviewed by Michael Gardiner  There are numerous politically-charged commentaries of popular culture in the UK and overseas, but few have […]
From the sublime to the ridiculous. Coming back to earth from the dopamine hit of Celebrity Feudalism was always going to be harsh, but for the Scottish Tories it’s been a bit of a crash-landing. Kieran Andrews, the Scottish Political Editor of the Times had an ‘exclusive’ of the woes of the poor Tories under […]
RIP almost 1,500 human beings so far in the Pakistan floods. Each of these people a beloved of someone. Each of these people mattering as much as anyone.  “We have waged war on nature and nature is striking back in a devastating way. Today in Pakistan, tomorrow in any of your countries” Antonio Guterres We […]
The spectacle of The Queue, snaking its way through London like a massive gated airport system was an impressive one. People would queue in line for ten to twelve hours or more before spying the coffin lying in state at Westminster Hall. This weird event – and it’s surround media, which some have dubbed ‘coffin […]
Some of the more wildly optimistic delusions of British nationalists are that what we are witnessing is a ‘new nation being forged’ and that the experience of dazed supplicants shuffling through Westminster Hall will somehow wipe-away the social, constitutional and ecological crisis that faces us all. This delusion is perhaps understandable. The actual reasons for […]
The much-repeated narrative about the collective hysteria we are being forced to live through is that this ‘national moment’ is inevitably forging a new ‘United Kingdom’ as the ‘whole country’ experiences collective grief and a unifying process that will slay any movements of self-determination in Scotland, Ireland or Wales. But as I have said elsewhere...
A book which takes Scotland, independence and future challenges seriously. A Better Nation: The Challenge of Scottish Independence, edited by Gerry Hassan and Simon Barrow, Luath Press £14.99. In 2014 I was one of several Fellows funded by the ESRC under the auspices of the Centre on Constitutional Change to carry out independent academic research […]
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