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A short story by David Black. ‘Oh dear. Were there many killed Eleanor?’ ‘Not enough, if you ask me Constance.’ Och, now, that’s not a very nice thing to say, dear.’ ‘Well, luckily enough the place was empty when it happened. Maybe a few pigeons died. It was in such a state even the squatties […]
Shawbost   Give me the soft white sands and tiny shells of home, arms, like an anchor around me. And the sound of children playing in rock pools at my back. If you will not give me that; give me a howling gale. The kind that shrieks and screams in your ears that frightens birds […]
With the general public largely stuck inside, with nothing but our boring, beige homes to look at and no one but our bloody loved ones to talk to over the past 18 months, we have been in dire need of entertainment. Yes, our pesky little brain boxes require near constant stimulation. Last year in the […]
In 1985 – so thirty-six years ago – the French secret service blew up Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior in Aukland harbour.  The Rainbow Warrior was moored ready to confront French nuclear testing in the Moruroa Atoll. At first the French government tried to deny all knowledge of the operation, but it soon became obvious that they […]
One of the many weird ironies about the circle of people around Alex Salmond and Craig Murray is the claim that the Scottish Courts are riddled with corruption and are at the very heart of a vast plot against The Great Men AND (simultaneously) these very same courts – this very system – absolved Salmond […]
In our new series we profile the best podcasts we have come across each week. Here’s more from the brilliant Farmerama featuring among others sometimes Bella contributor Iain Mackinnon. Farmerama Radio · Landed part 3: Colonial connections
In a recent analysis of ‘Generation Left,’ James Meadway pointed out that, with 50% of 1- year-olds attending university, ‘education is no longer a marker of class in the way that it was two or three generations ago.’ As political scientists continue to puzzle over the generational divides in our society: the old tools for […]
In the first of a series in the run up to COP26 in November we speak to key activists from the environmental justice movement in Scotland. Here Mike Small interviews Bryce Goodall – Organiser, Campaigner, ActivistPersonal Twitter: @brycejustweeted – Actions Speak Louder Than Words Twitter: @ASLTWScot and Quan Nguyen – Organiser, Camp Scotland twitter: @ScotClimateCamp […]
Rinse and repeat. Sometimes – like today – despair is the only option. The news that Boris Johnson’s COP26 spokeswoman has issued suggestions of such mind-dribbling inanity as “freezing left-over bread” and other “micro-steps” leaves me almost disabled by a feeling of unease and profound despair. I thought there were only two options in assessing […]
As we stagger out of lockdown towards some new version of social reality with new norms coined by various stages of denial, disinformation and pragmatism, a new political topography is emerging. Like an unfamiliar  landscape exposed by long-drought this place has new features: old borders exposed and deleted; new walls (Red and Blue) emergent; social […]
As a bona-fide folk musician (so says Spotify), I enjoyed Bella Caledonia’s most recent playlist (Faerie Folk, Frolic and Fiddles). Though I must say that the eclectic mix on offer, ranging from the ‘Lewis Carroll does rock’ of Jefferson Airplane to the traditional slip jig of The Dubliners, is fairly telling in that the range […]
“Forty Lost Years” by Rosa Maria Arquimbau first appeared in the author’s native Catalonia in 1971, when General Francisco Franco remained dictator of Spain. It has now appeared in English for the first time, ably translated by Peter Bush. The novel centres on Laura Videl, born in 1917 who comes from a working class family […]
  Press Release There is a rush at the supermarket for anxiety tablets. There is a rush on for diagnosis at the morning clinic. Everyone is gravely sick. Nightly parent’s dissolve painkillers into a glass of water and drink from it hungrily before passing the glass to their children. The use of the word trauma […]
Sweaty Palms frontman Robbie Houston opens up to Hugo Fluendy about their new single Nice to be Nice and how he’s not making a scene about it Robbie Houston is a quietly courteous, young working class Glaswegian, shy almost. Just don’t take his good manners for granted, as his band’s Sweaty Palms explosive new single […]
“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell I’ve only been to Westminster once. It was to interview Alex Salmond. It’s a very strange place which radiates almost identical amounts of power and dysfunctionality. This week saw the power of tradition overcome any sense of decency […]
In 2017 and handful of people, myself included, planned to mark the 40th anniversary of the historic Rock Against Racism movement with a reggae concert in Queens Park on Glasgow’s Southside. The plan expanded a bit and the concert went ahead with a small programme of events around it including the first Carnival, taking to […]
Christopher Silver on the extreme weather of the climate crisis and the spectacular media failure of the Scotsman newspaper in covering the new Cambo oil field. This week they published an article claiming that the new Cambo field will ‘help the UK cut its carbon emissions.’ The reality is that the new oil field alone […]
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