Believe in Scotland surveyed 3,226 Yes supporters to take the temperature of the movement on a few key issues and we published the overall results last week. Roughly 6% of the respondents who would now vote Yes said that they voted No in 2014. We asked them; If you voted ‘No’ in 2014 but would now […]The post 200 No to Yes voters tell us why they now believe in Scotland...
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+BelieveInScotland "The problem was that the White Paper was dry, boring, and uninspiring – there was no truly positive vision for people to buy into"
This was, and sadly, still is the big issue the SNP has not addressed, not everyone wants a their left of centre focused society. For independence to succeed it has to appeal to ALL Scots, it needs to be about what WE want, OUR ideals, OUR culture.
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