This article will explain the timeframe within which the next independence referendum will take place and also explain why we can be so confident in our prediction. In the last few days both the SNP and the Scottish Greens have committed to holding a referendum in the term of the next parliament. That is important […]The post Let’s end the confusion over the date of indyref2...
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+BelieveInScotland This article tells it like it is. Important the YES movement realises Independence is not yet the settled will and that , whilst the SNP is doing their part , the YES movement has to join a conversation with our undecided and/or unengaged fellow citizens and inform and inspire them that Independence is in their best interests.
The SNP is building towards a majority for Independence by governing progressively in the intetests of the many people. They will enable the Regerendum we require but that will be much easier if the YES movement unites behind them to secure a majority government.
The key to inspiring our fellow citizens is to respond to the recommendations in the Citizens Assembly resport and detail how more of the needs of people in local areas can be realised with full fiscal and policy autonomy of an Independent government.
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