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The Yes group for Brechin and the rest of Scotland
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This is a democracy so if we're not winning people over to independence we're not winning. So why are we so obsessed with what we want and not what they want?
The SNP has for quite some time been a hollow shell of a political party. Like the Conservative Party, its members have been systematically stripped of all policy-making powers, with decisions of c…
To understand what a mess has been made of the cause of independence it is worth going back to the pre-devolution era to remind ourselves how they did it.
Sign The St. Andrew's Day Declaration to assert Scotland's right to self-determination
Former first minister reacts to Supreme Court ruling over indyref2.
This legendary soliloquy never rang more true than on 23 November 2022. Let’s be methodical about it.
There’s a remarkable scene in 1976 revisionist western The Outlaw Josey Wales. It is, at least on the surface, a Southern Romance in the typical Lost Cause motif: a humble Missouri farmer joi…
So it’s official – Scotland is not a partner in the UK, but a prisoner. Supposedly equal signatories to a treaty, we were in fact captured in 1707, with no hope of release other than at…
Welcome to another WOW - What's On Week 47, starting Monday 21st November.


Mon 21st at 7PM, SCOTONOMICS, delving into the details of our modern economy. In episode 55, Scotonomics are looking at the big one "The Positive Case For Scottish Independence" with hosts William and Kairin.

Wed 23rd at 5:15-6:30PM The "Time For Scotland"...
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Welcome to another WOW - What's On Week 46, starting Monday 14th November.


Mon 14th at 7PM, SCOTONOMICS, delving into the details of our modern economy. In this episode Scotonomics called "Cash and Capitalism", William and Kairin will be taking to Brett Scott, author of Cloudmoney.

Mon 14th at 8PM, Recce Report, with the voice of...
The calibre of some in the SNP

This is downright defamatory from this SNP councillor, which is probably why he blocked me in the hope that I would never see what he'd twee...
#WOW - What's On Week 45 on Independence Live

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#YesScots #ScottishIndependence
On the previous thread there was a little exchange which once again crystallised for me the "scunnered middle" problem faced by the independ...
In the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, the Scottish Greens received just 4.7% of all the votes cast. (255,314 of 5,419,544). The SNP got 44% – almost 10 times as many. So we’re not s…
We are passionate about our belief in a better Scotland. For ten years, we have created policy papers, now it's all here to inspire you.
Alex Salmond used the SNP’s majority to get the Edinburgh Agreement co-signed in 2012. Lately, a laugh-a-minute, obscure investment banker called Guy Stenhouse published an article proposing …
A “plebiscite election” on Scottish Independence can only mean an election fought on that issue with the understanding that, if the election is won, Independence will be declared. It cannot mean anything else. In particular, a “plebiscite election” cannot possibly mean an election which, if ...
It will rank as Nicola’s Sturgeon’s greatest error to have embraced her colonial civil servants, led by the infamously indept misandry of chief adviser Leslie Evans, when Sturgeon accep…
It’s not a joke, well, it is a joke, but in a different way entirely. The right wing Spectator magazine must have had some sort of nervous breakdown because it has seen fit to publish the tur…
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