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The SNP is trapped in a bullshit culture where it thinks it can bluff its way out of every problem. It can't; the party must give people a reason to reconsider their doubts.
When Humza Yousaf was campaigning to be elected leader of the SNP, he pledged that he would be not only the First Minister, but also the “First Activist”. It transpired that this meant …
WOW – What’s On Week 16 on Independence Live

Welcome to another WOW - What's On Week 16, starting Monday April 17th.

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Mon 17th at 7:15pm, SCOTONOMICS, delving into the details of our modern economy. Kairin &...
You’d naturally assume at first sight that the illiterate, corrupt, self-serving, gravy-hoovering failed drama student with whom the SNP hilariously replaced experienced KC Joanna Cherry as s…
Mike Russell, SNP president, currently interim cook and bottle washer Photo:Colin Mearns Mike Russell is now president of the SNP, standing in for the unreliable Peter Murrell while the former CEO …
Robin shows the way.

If you're not in despair at the state of Scotland you're not paying attention. But if you believe that there is nothing that can be done about it, read on and hopefully feel more positive.
The new SNP administration faces a new challenge - a semi-organised group of rebels on the back benches. What does this mean and what effect may it have on politics in Scotland?
At the start of this week I offered my congratulations to Humza Yousaf on his election as SNP leader and Scotland’s new First Minister.
First of all, a quick update about one of the points I made in my post yesterday. I mentioned that my faith in the Alba Party's internal de...
The SNP has made its choice. That choice was to reject reform, back the party machine and stick two fingers up to the independence movement and the wider public. Does it really think there will be no consequence?
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Welcome to another WOW - What's On Week 12, starting Monday 20th of March.



Mon 20th at 7:15PM, SCOTONOMICS, delving into the details of our modern economy. In episode 69 titled "Preview of the Festival of Economics", host William and Kairin will be discussing the Scotonomics Festival of Economics in Dundee this weekend.
Current SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon says this leadership election is being run like all other elections in the SNP and doesn't see what the objections are about. Does either claim stand up to scrutiny?
WOW - What's On Week 11 on Independence Live

Welcome to another WOW - What's On Week 11, starting Monday 13th of March.


Mon 13th at 7:15PM, SCOTONOMICS, delving into the details of our modern economy. In episode 68 titled "How we fix a broken society", host William and Kairin will be chatting with James Plunkett, Executive Director of Advice and Advocacy, Citizens Advice. ...
In fairness, you can’t really accuse them of hiding it any more. The faint hearts and pension-seekers of the SNP think that their time has come – the moment when the party’s pursu…
There is growing domestic and international attention on my plan to use the ballot box to decide whether Scotland becomes an independent country. I have the only plan that has historic precedent, c…
The Scottish Government has a tendency to grandstand about opponents and fail to recognise the occasions on which differences much be put aside
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