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Scottish election data, polling and projections.
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Strong support on his home island led an Independent to make a quick return to the council, having previously been elected in 2017 as a Conservative. [...]
A surprise Lib Dem elected uncontested in May resigned over the summer, triggering both this by-election and some deeply unedifying behaviour that it would do well to reflect on. [...]
Expect this to be the last analysis piece for a Panelbase/Sunday Times poll, unless and until the Sunday Times sort out their bizarre refusal to publicly report Holyrood figures. [...]
The sad passing of an Independent councillor triggers the first "ordinary" by-election of the 2022-27 council term. What looks on the face of it to be an SNP-Lib Dem-Independent contest may be less rosy for the Lib Dems if their councillor of three decades has become reliant on his personal vote. [...]
An extremely delayed release of data for this poll means this is an extremely light-touch piece, published on the 28th of August only so there is no gap in my record. [...]
What's an election without a good map? Here at Ballot Box Scotland, we've got more maps than you can shake a stick at, and here's a few more to finally wrap up Local Election 2022 coverage. [...]
Whereas First Past the Post allows commentators to treat voters as neat, predictable blocs shuffling between obvious parties, May's STV results show that voters love to be messy and self-contradictory. [...]
The transferrable nature of STV is touted as one of its great advantages, but just how much use are voters getting out of that power? Perhaps less than you'd think. [...]
An early by-election to fill a seat left vacant in May is guaranteed to go to an Independent. [...]
The first by-elections of 2022, unfinished business from May, easily elected two Independents, though the Lib Dems emerged with a surprise second place in their first CNES appearance since 2007. [...]
As the First Minister fires (or, perhaps, misfires) the starting gun for a prospective second Independence referendum, polling finds the constitutional question remains firmly stuck on an almost even split. Labour meanwhile continue to cement their position as second most popular party ahead of beleaguered Conservatives. [...]
The first by-elections of the term take us to the Western Isles, where a shocking number of uncontested wards meant many voters didn't even get to go to the polls in May. [...]
A long-standing BBS bugbear is that STV isn't quite the proportional dream many claim it to be, even if it's far better than FPTP. This piece looks at how different things could be with a more proportional system. [...]
Slightly delayed coverage of a poll that continues to show positive figures for the SNP-Green government, whilst Labour cement their current second place against struggling Conservatives. The unsettled constitutional question begins to look more settled this time, with figures fitting to the 2014 status quo. [...]
The Shape of Scotland in 2022 Composition of Administrations Today marks four weeks on from the 2022 local elections, and every council in Scotland now has an administration in place. With proportional representation making majorities (rightly) difficult, a certain degree [...]
In the (just over a) week since the local elections, I’ve been plugging away at data collation. All 32 councils now have their headline figures for both votes and seats up on dedicated pages, linked to from an overall results [...]
A no-frills analysis piece with no actual analysis, just to make sure there's no gap in the record! (This is due to full publication of the poll data taking a very long time, and being consumed by local election coverage.) [...]
The second part of a wider analysis of results across the country takes a look at the spread of votes, [...]
The first half of a detailed look at each party's performance across the country measures the presence of the five Holyrood parties in terms of wards and councils with representation. [...]
This year's local elections delivered a lukewarm result for the SNP, whilst Labour reclaimed second place from a beleaguered Conservative party. The Lib Dems also made solid gains, and the Greens delivered an expectation-busting record result. [...]
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