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Utterly shocking display of tribal politics last night in East Renfrewshire Council.

Independent Councillor Cllr David Macdonald proposed a motion to call for a ban on disposable vapes. This was supported by SNP Councillor Cllr Annette Ireland and the rest of the SNP group.

Eastwood Labour and East Renfrewshire Conservatives voted against this motion despite it going through 7 other councils...
East Renfrewshire SNP’s budget included an investment of £100k to create an Additional Support Needs Wellbeing Fund.

🥀 Labour voted against this. The Labour/Tory budget cut jobs and services to lay blame at the door of the Scottish Government - playing politics with people’s lives.

The SNP budget proposed no compulsory redundancies, £1 million less cuts to services and a lower...
✂️East Renfrewshire’s Labour and Tory budget made cuts to jobs and services and raised Council Tax by 6%.

🟡 They had an alternative, a better option from the SNP group, a budget which protected jobs and maintained services.

🥀Labour are in administration, but who’s really in charge.
🥀Eastwood Labour voted against our progressive SNP budget.
Their budget will not protect - school librarians, bilingual support workers and multimedia technicians.
They also increased council tax by 6% in the middle of a cost of living crisis.
#VoteLabourGetTory #eastrenbudget2023
🥀East Renfrewshire Labour have voted 45 times with East Renfrewshire Conservatives since May.

⌛️Time is running out for their coalition of chaos as they rely on the Tories for every single vote. Their so-called 'minority administration' is made up of just 6 Councillors.

🔹The power lies with the Tories who are pulling all the strings behind the scenes.
Looks like the East Renfrewshire Conservatives got everything they wanted for Christmas this year thanks to East Renfrewshire Labour...
Utterly shocking behaviour by East Renfrewshire Labour provost to not allow Cllr Annette Ireland to speak in a debate. Another full council of Labour and the Tories working together to vote down the SNP group.

🥀Labour had the opportunity to call out the Tory Government but instead decided their coalition with East Renfrewshire Conservatives was more important.
👇Labour told voters they’d do no deals with the Tories before the election. They then said that there was no deals with the Tories in East Renfrewshire.

🥀Now Labour vote time and time again with the architects of the Cost of Living crisis to cling on to power in East Ren. They’ve voted 42 times with the tories - and not once against them. Labour’s message is clear - vote Labour,...
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Kirsten Oswald for East Renfrewshire - Adoption Racenight
Kirsten Oswald for East Renfrewshire - Adoption Racenight
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