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Sunset at Loch Ryan
An extraordinary outburst at a journalist for asking a valid question.

Watch her mask slip to reveal the nasty narcissist true self.
2 years into the pandemic and sheeple queue up for boosters
Children with more common sense than adults
Celtic fans show you show solidarity with Palestine at a football game.
March For Indy
Buchanan Steps, Glasgow
Candlelit Vigil for Iraq
organised by The Scottish Iraqi Association showing their solidarity with the victims killed in the Karadda bombing in Bagdad 3/7/2016
Hosted by The Young European Movement Edinburgh outside Holyrood Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh.
Hate speech and Racist abuse from right wing British Nationalists at a Refugees Welcome Rally
I speak to protester Harry Coles on Byres Road, Glasgow about Boris Johnson, after Brexit vote.
Anti-Facist protest
George Square,Glasgow
Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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