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We are YES activists who consider that Inverness is big enough to support two Yes groups. Why two? because of a gap that now exists for like-minded people of any or no party to promote the way forward to independence in an inclusive and welcoming manner.
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I know the ongoing cost of living crisis is impacting so many of you. That's why I'm running a series of online support workshops so you can find out exactly what support is on offer.

You don't need to have an account, and you can join via this link:
6 months on from our last event with Lesley Riddoch we are delighted to say oor Lesley she will be with us Yessers again in Inverness.
We are looking for new tenants for the Manse on the Isle of Ulva. Closing date for applications in the 21st of May.
Saturday 10 June 2023 — we’re happy to announce another visit from Lesley Riddoch.

Eventbrite, venue and time to be announced shortly. Lesley has a new book coming out in mid May so this is something to look forward to.
While ongoing rise in energy costs are impacting so many folk across the constituency, there is support available.

To learn more about how Home Energy Scotland can help you, join the virtual support workshop I am hosting on Thursday the 27th of April at 6pm, via this link:

You don’t need to register or create an account to join.

I look forward...
I canny be 100% sure, but it seems like the Scots don’t appreciate it if you bully girls & young women throughout your school years, actively dislike both homosexuals and the Roma community, fail to declare £30,000 in earnings, and talk Scotland down at every opportunity 🤔
This is a good one
Companies are being accused of keeping thousands of pounds of their customers' money in bill credits.
Just thought I'd share this. We're hearing a lot of scare stories about the deposit return scheme...this is the "PANT" system used in both Sweden and Norway. So simple, mainly automated return machines that you simply feed your used cans, bottles etc. the machine reads the barcode and refunds your deposit!

We're just playing catch-up that's all.
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