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Aye Hawick +AyeHawick
Aye Hawick has been set up up to promote the benefits of an Independent Scotland to the people of Hawick and surrounding area. It is not a political party and has members from all political persuasions.
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Aye Hawick will be in attendance at the Burnfoot Carnival ! If you are going to be there come and say hello and find out how Hawick folk can really change things for the better.
Congratulations to The Almond Tree Cafe from Aye Hawick on your huge success winning the Scottish Cafe award !
Its great to see a local social enterprise do so well and be recognised for all the effort !
Some weeks ago a few people in Hawick got together to discuss the prospect of another campaign to regain Scotlands place in the world as an independent nation.
From that meeting Aye Hawick has emerged. It's an all party and no party group, that believes a better future for our families is far more important than party politics.

Over the coming months Aye Hawick will be sharing information and...
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