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Representing and connecting Scottish independence supporters near and on the shores of Loch Fyne
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Please tell us why the electorate in another nation that vastly out numbers us should have a say over our future.
They are imposing a future for which we did not vote.

“Unbasturd believable, the penny finally drops with him. #BrexitLies”
Taking back control...

Given the level of disappointment that many Scots feel about the way Brexit has been mishandled, and the poor quality of deal that the present UK Government has negotiated, particularly for Scottis…
Like a bit of red tape?

Walk this way...

UK Government just released 70 pages of case studies today, showing how the borders will operate after 1 January 2021.

(e.g. exporting fish; exporting mechanical goods)
They have created two surveys, one for the self-employed and one for those running companies, due to the different support packages available to both groups.
Aye Fyne members and the intrepid walkers from #LongWalkToFreedom at the top of Dunaad.
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