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Aye to aye is a non partisan, grassroots, voluntary organisation. Our purpose is the pursuit and promotion of the case for Scotland becoming
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..."Elsewhere, Stephen Paton is continuing to liberally apply the parfum d'obsession with yet another rant about how much they hate Alba. Which begs the obvious question: if Alba are so "irrelevant", why the need to keep stamping on them week after week? Ostensibly Stephen's article is a call for pluralism within the Yes movement, and yet the subtext is entirely the opposite - that Alba (a...
Tomorrow, let's hope that Hope trumps Experience ⚽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🙏
Well we need somehow to grasp the nettle and get on with it
Bleak but right in my opinion
"EMMA Roddick, Ariane Burgess, Kate Forbes, Maree Todd, Jenni Minto, Fergus Ewing, Richard Lochhead, Alasdair Allan.
You have all just been elected as MSPs for the Highlands and Islands.
Some of you are old hands, some new. Some are ministers, some backbenchers.
All are...
..."If this was the Scottish government and the SNP, the media and the British political parties would be screaming to the rafters that Scotland was a failed state. It's the British state which is faIling but all we get is a collective shrugging of the shoulders and a deliberate and studied silence from the Scottish Conservatives - it's about the only thing that bunch of know-nothings have...
...."I am encouraged in the idea that we are near a tipping point by a recent conversation in which a previously diehard devotee of Alba Party admitted to entertaining doubts about its efficacy. Not to mention its honesty. This may seem trivial in comparison with a highly respected political commentator of David Pratt’s standing speaking out about the “deafening” post-election silence...
New Yes hub in Perth
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