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Aye to aye is a non partisan, grassroots, voluntary organisation. Our purpose is the pursuit and promotion of the case for Scotland becoming
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🔎 There is little that can legally be done to protect Scotland’s NHS without Scottish independence.

⬇️ Here are five reasons why independence is the best way to protect Scotland’s NHS.
🟥 MEDIA WATCH: Brian Wilson’s Herald column demonstrates Labour’s confused thinking on independence.

"IAN Blackford has emphatically denied that he and Boris Johnson get along swimmingly.

The [SNP]( [Westminster]( leader countered claims from the Prime Minister that the pair “co-operate well”.

Another contribution to the discussion

"**Private investment funds and asset managers have also become increasingly active in Scotland’s land market Some companies are purchasing land with the explicit aim of offsetting their own emissions. The craft beer brewer, Brewdog, for example, has [purchased over 9,000 acres]( of...
Something to use to convince soft noes and undecided in the campaign for next year's referendum
.."The force will investigate allegations of breaches of coronavirus rules across offices of the UK Government but the number and details of those which Scotland Yard will be looking into are not clear.
Officers are now investigating the potential breaches after being passed...
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