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This group is for the Annan and District Branch of the Scottish National Party in Southern Annandale.
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Ecstatic to confirm our Ward 10 Candidate George Jamieson has been elected on the first stage of counting. Just 14 votes behind Tory Ian Carruthers.

Great result for us and thanks everyone who got out and voted yesterday!
Voter turnout is really low so far in Annan, Eastriggs and Gretna for todays election.

If you haven’t voted yet please head out and do it. Polls are open until 10pm!

Low turnout is our biggest risk at getting George (Annan and Eastriggs) and Sylvia (Gretna and Rigg) elected to our council.
Tomorrow is polling day! Please remember to get out to vote!

Turnout is our biggest obstacle in local elections.

Vote George Jamieson #1
Don’t forget to vote George Jamieson #1 this Thursday.
Wishing Sylvia a speedy recovery!
I’ll be out and about with our SNP candidate for Ward 10, George Jamieson tomorrow.

We’ll be on Central Avenue in Gretna from 10:30am to 12:30pm then on Annan High Street from 1pm to 3pm.

Please come and say hi if you’re around! George and I will both be brand new councillors if/hopefully when elected. We’re both really invested in finding out what YOU want from your local council....
Our Candidates will be out and about together on Wednesday. Do come say hi if you’re around! Details below.

Looking forward to being out and about with our Ward 12 candidate, Sylvia Willmot, on Wednesday.

We will be on Central Ave, Gretna from 10:30am to 12:30pm and then on Annan High Street from 1pm to 3pm.

Sylvia and I will both be new to the council if we are elected and are keen to...
Meet Our Ward 10 Candidate, George Jamieson. Annan, Eastriggs and surrounding areas.

George has recently retired from a long and successful career at the NFU. George has a keen focus on education, opportunities for young people and farmers.

He is a fantastic and dedicated asset to our SNP D&G team as a whole and will be a great councillor for the people of Ward 10.

If you live in our Ward 10...
Meet Our Ward 12 Candidate. Gretna and Rigg.

‘I'm Sylvia Willmot. I moved to Scotland from England in 2006 and soon realised that the SNP are caring for the people of Scotland. I want to help give local communities a voice about things that affect them and help to make people's lives more comfortable.’

Sylvia is a great asset to us, our local community and the cause for independence....
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