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SNP Annan +AnnanSNP
This group is for the Annan and District Branch of the Scottish National Party in Southern Annandale.
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@Ianblackford_MP thank you so much for your work as leader in Westminster Ian, you have been the "real" opposition to the Tory government & a strong voice for us all in the SNP.

“👇 Watch @NicolaSturgeon's address about Scotland's future and the next steps on Scotland's independence journey.”
Scotland's right to choose our own future won't be denied.
UK supreme court rules that the Scottish government can't hold an Indyref2...

Well, we will simply vote in the next general election for our independence.
Scotland won't be denied.

Hi guys, just a quick shout out, if anyone can find time to show up at midsteeple in Dumfries tomorrow at 5pm to show some love for D&G pensioners for independence, (a response to the UK supreme court ruling on the Scottish Government's "competency" to hold a 2nd Independence referendum) it would be massively appreciated...STV will be reporting!...
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