Airdrie for Independence are delighted to announce that our next special guest will be Gareth Wardell, known to the Independence community as the blogger “Grouse Beater”. Gareth was our last invited guest speaker way back in 2020, when we had to cancel due to the arrival of Covid. A lot has happened since, and we were unsure whether we would ever see the day when we could hold physical get-togethers like this ever again.

That’s why we are over the moon to welcome Gareth for a very special evening, which in a departure from our usual guest speaker format, will take the format of an interview with Gareth where we’ll explore a variety of topics, from his background in film, his writing and most importantly his views on Scottish politics. We’ll be inviting audience participation by question and answer too, and we hope that you can join us to make this a fantastic evening.
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Gareth Wardell
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