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Airdrie For Indy +AirdrieForIndy
Airdrie For Independence is a discussion group for people from (mainly) Airdrie, of all parties or none, who want an independent Scotland.
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Very inspiring to visit the Yes Hub in Dunfermline today. A fantastic resource for the local Yes movement.
Recently the British Nationalists regained control of North Lanarkshire Council.

NLC have now suspended a teacher for holding a discussion on why the coverage of the queen's funeral was one-sided and failed to allow dissenting voices.

George Carlin once said:
“Don’t just teach your children to read…
Teach them to question what they read.
Teach them to question everything.”

George Carlin...
While we have been silenced because "now is not the time" to discuss independence or whether to ditch the monarchy, the monarchy has already carried out a " seamless succession".

It's business as usual for them.

They take us for mugs, because we stupidly buy into this charade.
With the general state of mind of the UK at the present time this was sadly expected. We have already seen multiple arrests over the proclamation of the new king.

Anti-UK and anti-monarchy sentiment will not be tolerated.

Hope over Fear's Yestival takes place next Sunday in Glasgow and it will mark 8 years of lost opportunity since 2014.
Now IS the time for #independence for Scotland.
Remember being told we were better together under the "broad shoulders" of the UK?
How's that working out for you?
The UK Government "energy watchdog" has authorised an average £1,971 rise in household bills from the start of October.

Still getting that warm, fuzzy 'Better Together' feeling?

Us neither.
"Pooling and sharing" is how the British Nationalists in Scotland describe the UK's theft of Scottish resources.

Scotland has a wealth of natural resources.

We were told in 2014 that our oil would be run out in 5 years. It didn't - and our oil wealth is what is keeping the English economy afloat post Brexit.

Scotland's whisky generated £4.5 Billion for the London exchequer in 2021.

Our good friend Grouse Beater has written a review of Ron Culley's latest book "Firebrand", which investigates the assassination of Willie MacRae.
A nasty lesson in British colonial control.

The victim, the Volvo, and the scene of the crime The British State, the British establishment, English internal colonialism, whatever one wants to call the natural instincts of our...
How do you manage to do two back to back "America" themed shows on US independence day without mentioning the word "independence"?
Easy if you are the BBC...
After a long delay due to holidays, computer failure and work, we have been able to get the second part of our evening with Gareth Wardell (@GrouseBeater) uploaded to YouTube. Part one is also already on our site.
Please feel free to like and share, and your comments are welcome.

After a long delay due...
How come Scots are so competent and wonderful at running projects across the world, but then are incapable of running their own country?' asks Grouse Beater

#Indyref2 #Indyref2023
After a long delay due to holidays, computer failure and work, we have been able to get the second part of our evening with Gareth Wardell (@GrouseBeater) uploaded to YouTube. Please feel free to like and share, and your comments … Continue reading →
An evening with film producer, author and blogger Gareth Wardell. Part 1 of 2.
An Evening with Gareth Wardell (Grouse Beater).
Part 2. Audience Q&A.
Queen Elizabeth will receive an inflation-defying “bonus” of nearly £30m from the public purse over the next two years thanks to an obscure rule which means her income cannot go down.

It's time for this to end.

It's time Scotland became a republic, like Germany or France.

Make Elizabeth the last. Vote for independence.

Income used by the Treasury to fund the...
There seems to be a new Brexit Bonus every other day!

The ETIAS visa waiver scheme is expected to be launched in May 2023.
Part 1 of our interview with Gareth Wardell (aka Grouse Beater) can now be found on our YouTube channel. You can find the link at our website:
Our most recent guest was the film producer, writer and blogger Gareth Wardell, known in Scottish political blogging circles as “Grouse Beater”. Gareth very kindly allowed us to film the evening which was carried out in two parts, an interview … Continue reading →
What a fantastic night with Grouse Beater in Airdrie tonight!
Thanks to all of you who travelled from across Scotland to join us this evening. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
Thank you Gareth for a most memorable night!. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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