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Airdrie For Independence is a discussion group for people from (mainly) Airdrie, of all parties or none, who want an independent Scotland.
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Repeat after me:
There are no food shortages.
There are no empty shelves.
There are just Brexit benefits.
That "taking back control" went well, didn't it?
Great to see so many of you in Edinburgh today at All Under One Banner.

How British Nationalists use language is important.

When the Army are deployed in support of the civilian community in England they are just "the Army".
In Scotland when the same happens they suddenly become "The British Army".

Don't buy their lies. Scotland's Β£4bn defence contribution to the UK could more than fund our own armed forces- with money to spare.
Tomorrow, All Under One Banner will be holding a march and rally in Edinburgh and I hope as many of you as possible can go along and attend.

Recently, due to a number of factors, we have seen smaller attendances than we are used to at marches and rallies, and this has been a source of much joy to our unionist opponents. I would ask that we bear this in mind and remember the ethos of the YES...
Every day we remember the lies we were told and the liars who told them.
Remember when the British Nationalists told us that we needed to stay in the UK to keep our energy prices low?
Stay warm, everyone...
What's for dinner, Mum?
A quarter pound of nothing...
Are you yes yet?
The views of local SNP councillor Paul Di Mascio on the cancerous bigotry which infects our country.
Good to get out yesterday to the Hope over Fear rally in Glasgow and meet up with old friends. We also took some time to remember those who we have lost.
Speaking to one unionist yesterday who said that food shortages are made up. I've noticed them personally around Airdrie, in Edinburgh and in the Highlands.
One hotel I visited has converted their front garden into a vegetable patch because of Brexit shortages.
The ability of the unionists to deny reality never ceases to amaze. ...
In 2014 the Yes and No campaigns both stood on Airdrie main street only a few apart.
7 years later and the Yes campaign is still going strong. The pro union campaign is now just a bunch of disruptive flag waving British Nationalists who do our campaign more good than harm.
The few unionists who did engage with us showed themselves in their true sectarian colours, accusing us of being...
Sunday 19th September is a black day in Scottish history as it marks the day when the result of the 2014 referendum was announced. In the wake of that shameful day however the independence movement was reborn, we now have … Continue reading β†’
We will be taking part in the National Day of Action organised by Business for Scotland this coming Saturday. The 18th September is a day we should never forget as it marks the time Scotland came so close to gaining … Continue reading β†’
RIP Jeff. πŸ˜₯

β€œI was saddened to hear of the passing, last Thursday, of my former teaching colleague Jeff Dugdale @Jefforbited. He will be sorely missed by family and friends alike and a loss to the philatelic community.”
This was Aldi in Airdrie today. How are you being affected the Brexit Food Shortages?
Are you having to go round multiple supermarkets trying to find the items that others are out of stock of.
Are you finding it hard to find the basics?
Have fruit and veg become the new National Lottery?

What's YOUR experience?
RIP Maria Mendiola who has died aged 69.
She brought a smile to so many faces this summer.

Music video by Baccara performing Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (Starparade 02.06.1977). (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment Germany
Hello everyone,

We have signed up for the day of action organised by Business for Scotland for next Saturday, 18th September. BFS will be providing materials to distribute

We have two options at present, either a good old fashioned street stall or a delivery of leaflets.

My preference would be a street stall, to take place next Saturday at midday in Airdrie Town Centre.

If any of you would be...
Scotland's water resources are now being referred to as the "new oil".
Meanwhile, others are waking up to the vast reserves of energy which Scotland has.
Here, Tom Scott looks at how how Orkney is so successful at generating energy through wind and wave power that for most of the time they are in energy surplus.
Scotland: Big enough, rich enough, smart enough.

Scotland flag - the saltire Made In Scotland. For Scotland.
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