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The Supreme Court will announce its decision on whether Scotland has the power to hold a referendum on independence or not.
❗️The events of the past few weeks have shown clearly we need systemic change.
👮Boris Johnson's behaviour is the result of a broken system that allows those who make the rules to break the rules without consequence.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Independence is our only route to building something better.
A better nation is possible, but we need you. Come join us and help us build that better nation.
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A better nation is possible but we need you. Come join us and help build that better nation.
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Meeting outside Kintore Town Hall. A better nation is possible but we need you. Come join us.
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Independence is more vital now than ever. Scottish Green Party MSP Maggie Chapman spoke about the role movement politics will play in winning. The Progress to Yes Conference is all about building the positive case for independence in our communities. We're delighted that Maggie will be joining us again in February.
A new campaign is coming, and it’ll involve the good work of innovative grassroots groups and political parties. SNP president Michael Russell spoke at our event in September about moving forward with making the case for independence. We can’t wait to welcome him back at the Progress to Yes Conference this...
Aberdeen Independence Movement Co-Organiser Jenny Nicol gives an update on the group's internal day of action and the upcoming Progress to Yes Conference. Tickets can be bought at
All-day independence conference with a packed schedule of workshops, panels, speeches, and presentations from some of Scotland's best campaigners.
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Michael Russell, Hannah Bardell MP, Aamer Anwar, Karen Adam MSP, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Maggie Chapman MSP, Stewart McDonald MP, Fatima Joji, Alyn Smith MP, and Mike Small, with more to be announced.
Tickets Cost £9 to £20
Anum Qaisar-Javed MP spoke at our Big Night In last month about Scotland's values and Westminster's woeful handling of the crisis in Afghanistan and appalling record on human rights. An independent Scotland must be a beacon for human rights and a home for all
Independence offers a bright future, but fear is a big obstacle. To overcome this we need to really listen to people. We could not agree more with this fantastic speech from Karen Adam MSP at our Big Night In. Keep an eye out for our next big event
Kirsty Blackman MP's opening speech for Aberdeen Independence Movement's Big Night In on 09/09/21
Day Of Action at Ferryhill, Aberdeen
AIM & SNP Peterhead are holding a joint Day of Action at Peterhead Lido Car Park.
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Join us for a day of campaign action.

AIM are planning to have a stall and leafleting in Westhill

Please meet in the shopping area (Greggs) at 10.30am

The hard work starts now, time to get that step count up

If we had plenty volunteers we would also like to put on a litter pic on the day
AIM's pre-conference nights have become a fixture of the conference scene. Our second virtual event, our Big Night In, will be a night of great guest speakers and entertainment, and a brilliant opportunity to socialise ahead of the SNP September conference.
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Online Event -
Neil Gray MSP, Julie Hepburn, Fatima Joji. Theo Forbes, Stephen Flynn MP, Karen Adam MSP, Michael Russell, Maggie Chapman MSP
Tickets Cost £6 - £10
Our big indy night in is back
Aberdeen Independence Movement will be hosting an event for people under 30.

The Youth Conference will be interactive; you are encouraged to be an active part of it - there will be a workshop for attendees, and we also encourage you to join in the discussions that will follow the speeches by our speakers.
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Stephen Flynn MP, Maggie Chapman MSP, Fatima Zahra Joji
We are delighted to be joined by 2 members of the SNP social justice & fairness commission to discuss the report findings and how the report sets out a road map to a more socially just Scotland
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In the upcoming referendum campaign, we will need activists skilled in polling analysis. Let's get on with the job of upskilling for the campaign now.

Join us for this zoom event with Mark McGeoghegan to discuss opinion polling.
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Mark McGeoghegan
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